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Demo is one of Spain’s most original and internationally acclaimed artists, a multidisciplinary creator with an unmistakable aesthetic rooted in Pop Art. In recent years his work has become an almost constant presence on the outside of museums and galleries throughout the world. Demo manages to discover hidden meanings in everyday elements and objects and transform them into veritable icons that invite the viewer to adopt a playful attitude.

This iconization of the domestic coupled with his use of vibrant colors are principal distinguishing characteristics of his work. Hearts, bears, ducks, owls, clowns, dancers, flowers, rhinoceroses, cats, and robots that can reach enormous dimensions form part of the urban landscape as imagined by Demo, a sculptor who seduces the public by way of smile, while never forgetting that sculpture is not just an object, but the posing of a question and a spur to thought.

His permanent work as well as his temporary exhibits and installations can be found in cities from all over the world: Madrid, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, London, Brasilia, New York, Miami, Munich, Mexico DF, Milan, among many others. And very soon in Los Angeles!.. His pieces are in institutions and are a part of various public and private renowned collections such as: Miami Dade College, Dumbo NYC, KIAF/12 Korea, Meatpacking NYC, Center for Modern Art in Madrid, IVAM Valencia, among other galleries, festivals, and public spaces.

This year we count with the special collaboration of DEMO, who has created the art for the Spanish series and has kindly contributed his talents to bring the image of the Spanish series through a vibrant and colorful artwork composition.

In his own words: “I wanted to make a subtle reference to the logo of RECENT CINEMA FROM SPAIN. Symbolizing with colorful spheres and loose strokes the game that is the film industry, in which you never stop dreaming and feeling. A form of venturing into a story in order to live it fully. Adding the image of the heart of all of the people that are in the film industry, their work, their dedication, their passion“.

Official Poster 2014

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